Peamount Hospital

Synergy Medical Systems provided a complete bedhead solution of the industry leading Schrack Seconet fully IP nurse call system and Cableflow International Medical Supply Units.

Cableflow Medisys, National Children's Hospital

Schrack Seconet are a global leader in the manufacture of fully IP nurse call systems, based in Vienna they have become the leading nurse call system in Ireland. Projects such as the National Children’s Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast are benefitting from this cutting-edge technology.

Developing fully single bed nursing facilities is a major step forward for Irish Healthcare, but it does provide challenges for nursing staff.

As all rooms are single occupancy there is a danger that staff can become isolated, it is therefore vital that the nurse call system provides an effective means of delivering the calls into the room where the staff are located.

The Schrack Seconet KMT Room Terminal provides this functionality as well as allowing staff to speak directly to patients to reassure them that a staff member is on their way.
The KMT also allows staff to triage a patient call and if necessary, bring a request. For example, a bed pan or water with them to the room thus increasing efficiency.

IP Television

Due to the nature of the fully IP Schrack Seconet system it lends itself to efficiencies, on the Peamount project for example the IP nurse call system has been leveraged to provide a cost-free infrastructure for the distribution of IP TV.
Synergy Medical Systems provided a set of IPTV digitisers at the nurse call headend which formatted the incoming DVB-T& DVB-S signals into MPEG 4 for transmission of over the nurse call IP network.

IP Telephony at the Bedside

A further interesting feature permitted by the fully IP nature of the Schrack Seconet product is the ability of the system to connect directly to the IP Telephony PBX which then allows the handset to become a phone extension.
This allows a very cost-effective way for family members to call directly to the patient bedside without costly telephone infrastructure and reception staff routing.

Plug & Play Maintenance.
It’s not only the staff and patients who will benefit for the Schrack Seconet installation, maintenance staff will find that the true plug and play nature of the system makes maintenance a breeze.
Devices on the system which are damaged can be replaced without the need of any tools! Simply unclip the damaged device remove the RJ45 connection replace with the new device and the system will automatically find and program the new device.
For anything other than day to day maintenance the system provides the ability for Synergy Medical Systems engineers to log in remotely, diagnose and potentially rectify issues from remotely from their head office in Louth.
Due to the IP infrastructure the system can be interrogated down to device level even allowing specific device to be re-booted or new software uploaded.

Future Orientated

The open protocol of the IP infrastructure ensures that the system is ready for further expansion or more vitally for integration into future smart technologies such as wearables and smart devices.
By adding software, the system will send customisable alerts to smart devices carried by nursing, maintenance or security staff allowing much greater efficiency and reducing alarm fatigue.

Ease of Installation

The fully IP & POE nature of the nurse call devices make the system a dream for contractors to install. All cables are CAT5 and all terminations are RJ45. End devices are all clipped into place meaning no tools at all are required for the 2nd fix.

The system is completely configurable within the software meaning that any device can report to any location, unlike traditional bus based systems which are constrained by the way they are cabled.

Cableflow are the leading manufacturer of Medical Bed Head Trunking Systems in the UK and Ireland.
With an extensive product range and the technical and manufacturing ability to provide bespoke solutions, Cableflow have become a first choice for design teams and contractors alike.
Projects such as Tymon North CNU, The National Children’s Hospital, Bon Secours Cork and many others are benefitting from Cableflow expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Within each singe bedroom Cableflow have provided the Medisys M13 Integra product which provide an integrated bed head light alongside all required patient and nursing services.
Modules are provided fully pre-built, pre-wired to termination zones and pre-piped for medical gas meaning a highly efficient and quality installation can be achieved.

Since Synergy Medical Systems provide a complete bed head solution the Schrack Seconet IP nurse call system came pre-installed in the Cableflow Medical Supply Units further reducing installation costs and potential site damage.




Peamount Hospital




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