Coombe Womens Hospital

Brandon Medical’s Surgeons Panels are built to the highest quality and include all necessary features on display clearly in one place as to make the working environment for surgeons as simple and calm as possible. These panels can display and change temperature and humidity control in an operating theatre as well as ventilation control and display all necessary alarms and warnings on one easy to read flat screen panel.

Coombe Womens Hospital

Ondal Medical Pendants where also supplied and installed by us in Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin. These pendants allowed for a number of tapping points for gas, electricity and data technology components to be fitted in the centre of the room and be moved around the room with extreme flexibility.

The Modul Technik Flush Mounted Supply Units can be ordered as a build-in module to suit the needs of the hospital. This unit can be installed either horizontally or vertically at a patient’s bedside. The fitting of the medical supply units can always be adapted to suit the need of the customer; these units are made from aluminium and can come in a variety of different colours or even anodised to suit the customers’ needs. Every unit comes fitted with tapping points for gas, electricity and data technology components which allow the medical staff to run any medical equipment they may need off this unit easily.

We supplied and fitted Brandon Medical’s Astramax Operating Lamps in the operating theatre at Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin. The Astramax Operating Light is designed with the increasingly complex requirements of surgery in mind. These lights are both powerful and economical using new HD-LED bulbs which are saving electricity for hospitals as well as the cost of replacing bulbs. These lamps are fitted with up to five rotations for easy and accurate positioning in the operating theatre. These lamps are also lightweight so they can be easily moved during surgery if the medical staff requires to do so.



Coombe Womens Hospital




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