St James Hospital Dublin Bone Marrow Unit

This prestigious project was shortlisted for the Hospital Project of the Year 2023 at the esteemed Irish Healthcare Awards.

St James's Hospital Dublin Bone Marrow Unit

Our team focused on introducing state-of-the-art technology and design, keeping patient comfort and well-being at the forefront.

Schyns Q100 Integrative Medical Supply Unit: This unit incorporated advanced Human Centric Lighting and a Bluetooth Soundwave System. A former patient remarked,

“The headboard and back wall transform the space, making it feel less like a typical hospital room.”

The facility will serve immunocompromised patients, some of whom may spend up to 10 weeks in isolation with minimal exposure to natural light. Recognizing the importance of light, research from Dr. Annie Curtis at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin indicates that inadequate internal lighting can adversely affect the immune system.

The Nobel Prize in 2007 celebrated the discovery that blue light, absorbed by ipRGCs in the eye, is a primary circadian rhythm trigger. Emulating this insight, the Schyns Human Centric Lighting system imitates daylight, altering the colour temperature of the light between 1,800K and 16,000K throughout the day. This adaptation has a significant impact on the sleep-wake cycle, subsequently boosting the immune system. Given its effectiveness, we’ve incorporated this system throughout our Dundalk headquarters.

The Schyns Q100’s integrated Soundwave Bluetooth system transforms the entire panel into an inconspicuous speaker. Patients can connect their phones, immersing the room in sound – an element known to foster healing.

The Visocall IP Nurse Call System further enhanced patient care.



St James's Hospital Dublin Bone Marrow Unit




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