Blackrock Hospice

Blackrock Hospice is a transformative initiative that harmoniously blends state-of-the-art technology with holistic patient care.

Blackrock hospice

Wall-to-Wall Human Centric Lighting by Schyns Medizintechnik GmbH elevates the aesthetics of the space while serving a higher purpose. Beyond its striking appearance, this lighting system aids in regulating sleep patterns, boosting immune function, uplifting mood, and enhancing overall well-being, reflecting our dedication to fostering health-centred environments.

A standout feature of the Human Centric Lighting system is its sunset scene setting. With the touch of a button, rooms are bathed in a warm amber glow, reminiscent of a calming sunset. This serene atmosphere offers therapeutic benefits, especially vital for hospice residents.

Complementing the ambiance, our cutting-edge hidden Bluetooth sound system seamlessly integrates into the room’s façade. This innovative design transforms the entire front into a speaker, allowing residents or their family members to fill the space with sound or music of their choice. Such an approach underscores our belief in the therapeutic power of music and sound, providing healing and comfort.

To ensure effortless and seamless communication, the project incorporates a fully IP nurse call system provided by Schrack Seconet AG. Paired with a staff attack and wander installation, this feature enhances safety protocols, ensuring that staff remain well-equipped to address any situation.

In the Blackrock Hospice refurbishment, advanced technology and the essence of healing, comfort, and care coalesce to create a sanctuary for residents.



Blackrock Hospice




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